The Warmińsko-Mazurska SEZ was established by virtue of the Ordninance of the Council of Ministers of 9 September 1997. Its mission is to accelerate economic development in the region on tje basis of existing resources, favourable financial and tax incentivies and pro-active approach of investors undertaking business activities in this area. The Warmińsko-Mazurska SEZ comprises 370 ha of grounds prepared for investment projects, equipped with all the necessary utilities, located in Bartoszyce, Dobre Miasto, Elbląg, Pasłęk and Szczytno. The cost of purchasing land in the Zone is determined by negotiations with the purchaser, and is in the range of 3,50- 10.50 EURO/sq m. The total value of planned investments is EURO 61.5 milionm which will enable 3.100 people to be employed.