The Suwałki Special Economic Zone ( SSEZ- Suwalska Spejalna Strefa Ekonomiczna) is situated in the north easr of Poland. It has 1000 lakes and so excellent palce for combining business and recreation. The Suwałki Special Economic Zone, established by virtue of the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers for a period of 20 years, offers investors: areas with infrastructure for all utilities; the lowest real estate prices in the country; a well-qualified, young workforce seeking opportunities to develop their potential. The region's high level of unemployment is just one of the good reasos for attracting investors to the Suwałki SEZ. There are 35,000 people looking for a jobs within the area surrounding the Zone. Already 48 investors are manufacturing in the SSEZ and of this potential. The Suwałki Special Economin Zone is prepared to receive another 100 domestic and foreign investors who would benefit from all the region's advantages.