Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych S.A.

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), helps investors to enter the Polish market and find the best ways to utilise the possibilities available to them. We guide investors through all the essential administrative and legal procedures that involve a project; we also support firms that are already active in Poland. We provide rapid access to the complex information relating to legal and business matters regarding the investments, help in finding the appropriate partners and suppliers, together with new locations.

PAIiIZ’s mission is also to create a positive image of Poland across the world, promoting Polish goods and services.

In order to provide the best possible service to investors we’ve established a network of Regional Investor Service Centres across Poland, which have as their goal improvement of the quality of a region’s investor services, also to ensure access to the latest information - such as, the latest investment offers and to regional micro-economic data. These specialist Bureau’s hire professionals that have been trained by PAIiIZ and are financed by local authority funds. Another of their task is to work as links between the investors and local authorities.

PAIiIZ also operates as:

  • The National Point of Contact for OECD
  • The Secretariat of the Polish-Japanese Economic Committee

Before PAIiIZ was established

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) was established on 24th June 2003, resulting from the merger of the State Foreign Investment Agency (PAIZ) and the Polish Information Agency (PAI). The Agency in its activities makes use of its predecessors’ “inheritance”.

The State Foreign Investment Agency (PAIZ) was created in 1992, as a public limited company under the State Treasury. Its main goal was the support of Poland’s economic development, through activities that raised the inflow of foreign investments. In 1997 at the VIII World Convention of Investment Promotion Agencies, PAIZ received the title of the Best European Investment Promotion Agency.

The Polish Information Agency (PAI) was set up in 1991, as a redevelopment of the Polish Interpress Agency, from a government agency, into an institution whose main goal was the promotion of Poland abroad. Over 12 years PAI realised this goal through: information, publishing, exhibitions and press activities.