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Poland, with a population approaching 40 million, is emerging as one of the leading economies in Central Europe. Since May 1 2004 it has been a permanent member of the European Community, together with seven other states; Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia .The enlargement of EU has created a new powerful package, ready to attract investments from all over the world. The location, size and population create a unique opportunity for foreign investors. Investments from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions Euros are welcome in this new business environment. The management skills, great know how, friendly approach and constant willingness to learn are the main factors why you should consider this part of Europe for your new business activities.
Poland's main trading partners are historically its immediate neighbours: Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. However trade with the rest of Europe France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries, Baltic states, Ireland United Kingdom also has hundreds of years of success and increases in volume year by year.

This is the foundation for a strong business partnership in the future.