The SSEZ cover an area of 167 ha and comprises two section: The Słupsk-Włynkowo (108 ha) section, this section is situated in the indusrial sector in the north-western part of the town of Słupsk. The zone is only 2 km from the town centre and communications and transportation are good. Municipal and private bus lines operate between Słupsk and Ustka. The Redzikowo section is situated 3 km East of the town of Słupsk, located next to the E-28 international road connecting Berlni-Gdańsk-Kaliningrad. The municipal buses provide an excellent service to Redzikowo, a town with a poplutalation of two thousand. The northern and also the longest border of the area stretches along two kilometres of the E-28 road. There are plans to re-open the cargo airport in the near future.