The Pomorska Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) was established by virtue of the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers dated 11 July 2001 as a result of the merfer of two Special Economic Zones in Tczew and Żarnowiec. The SEZ covers an area of 348,37 hq qne iw located in the Pomorskie Province, in Kwidzyń, Strarogard Gdański, Tczew, and Żarnowiec. The Zone will operate until 30 November 2017.The underlying objective for established the Specjal Economic Zone in Żarnowiec in 1997 was to liquidate the high uneployment by creating new jobs and to develop productions in new industry sectors in Tczew as well as making effective use of the existing buildings and infrastructure, and to develop the grounds of the former site of the discontinued nuclear power station project in Żarnowiec. Of the Polish and foreign investors who decided to conduct business in the SEZ, the leading role is played by FLEXTRONIX International with its headquarters in the USA. It purchased 41,72 ha in Tczew where it is building its industrial park. The Pomorska SEZ comprises land located in the following communes: Krokowa, Gniewino, Tczew and the towns of Tczew, Kwidzyń and Starogard Gdański