The Legnica Special Economic Zone was established by virtue of tge decree of the Council of Ministers No. 274 of 15th April 1997. The Zone is located in the south-western Poland, in the Legnica region. The Zone consists of 382 ha divided into areas: Legnica – 52 ha, Polkowice – 91 ha, Krzywa – 157 ha, Złotoryja - 53 ha, Lubin – 28 ha. The Zones compirses lan owned by the company which manages the Zone and by the Treasury of State Agency for Agricultural Property (Lubin area). The Zone is in very convenient geographic location.It is in the middle of Europe with access to a good communocation network. LSEZ was established dor a period 20 years. It is estimates than in this period suitable conditions will be created for investors, since they will be able to establish firm links with the Zone, undertake long-term investment planing, develop their companies which, it turn, may profits due to their presence in the Zone. Purposes od establishing the Zone: to develop export, to reduce unemployment and create new jobs, to develop industries which may be an alternative to copper mining and processing, to reclaim land devastate by the Soviet Army, promoting the Zone in Poland and aborad, managing the property of the zone.